I’m moving.


I don’t know where, but it’s time.

And I cannot wait!


What is it that drives TCKs and Triangles and Global Nomads to seek change? It’s funny, because my mono-cultural older brother used to ‘get lost’ frequently as a child. Our mom got him a little metal ‘dog tag’ with his address. The police would bring him home, but the next day he’d be gone again. This all happened before I was born, but I’ve heard the stories many times. I asked him once where he was going. He replied that he just wanted to see what was on the horizon. And that sounds like the perfect description for me, as well as the many others with this desire and curiosity to discover new places.

Maybe I have the same instincts as my brother, but fifteen years after his local neighborhood explorations, I found myself in another neighborhood in a totally different country. Everything seemed so different – almost every house had a concrete wall around the yard, painted in bright colours. People left their windows open to catch the breeze. And instead of the ice cream truck, a street vendor would walk by selling frozen paper cups of Kool-aid out of a cooler.

So, I explored my new neighborhood. The small liquor store across the street was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Archer, who also owned a gas station. They had twin sons, Perry and Terry, who I played with. Later, they invited me to their house and they took me to their church. Up the hill and on the other side of the street, I became friends with Isabella. Her family was a lot of fun and they spoke Spanish, which I started to pick up from spending so much time there!

I also picked up another new way of communicating: sucking my teeth. The sound could vary depending on the emotion you were expressing – anger, disgust, frustration, annoyance. It took me a while to learn how to make the sound, and more practice to make it sound the way I wanted, but it’s a very Bahamian way to communicate. (You may know ‘smh’ – Bahamians type ‘smt’!). I looked it up online, and found a video of a woman in Paris who was sucking her teeth. The French call it tchipé, which sounds much nicer than SMT!! And I find it amusing since my great grandparents came from France. Maybe I’ll move there. I’ll fit right in.

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