Expat Cat

When I moved to the Bahamas to live with my mom, she had a Siamese cat named Taffy. Sadly, she died. (The cat, not my mom!) So, we went to a breeder and I picked out a kitten – a cute little Seal Point. We decided to name her Taffy II.

At that time we lived in an upstairs apartment, so Taffy stayed indoors. She was a normal active kitten.

Then, after a year and half of going to school at St. Matthew’s primary school, I decided to transfer to Xavier’s College.* Mom decided to move to a place that was closer to the new school, as well as her job on Cable Beach, since she would be driving me to and from school each day. She found a cute little villa tucked away behind the King Eric and His Knights club on Bay Street. Our place was one of about twenty villas at the Racquet Club, and we had a big pool in the middle. It was very quiet, because we were at the end of the road, and with all the open space between the villas, I had plenty of room to play outside.

It didn’t take long before Taffy was going outside to play too. There were plenty of trees and bushes on the property. Also, right behind it was ‘the Bush’ – undeveloped land that is overgrown. She got bolder and started staying out for long periods, but usually came when she was called.

Until the day she didn’t. I was so worried and I cried, but Mom said she’d come home. Every day I went outside and called and called. I was afraid that she had gone into the Bush and gotten lost or hurt. Sometimes I thought I heard her meow, but still she didn’t come home. After almost a week, and I kept hearing meows, Mom decided that she was trapped somewhere. We searched the grounds and kept calling. Finally we realized that the meows were coming from the pool! After investigating, it became apparent that Taffy had snuck into the little shed next to the pool where the filter pump was. But the door was locked! We had to track down the groundskeeper, and as soon as the door was open, Taffy came zipping out!

After her involuntary incarceration, she had lost some weight but she was fine. She didn’t have any more adventures, besides bringing us lizards that she’d caught.

Life went on: I went to school, Mom went to work, the Bahamas became independent, and Taffy got pregnant.



*You can read about my school adventures in the upcoming book “Once Upon An Expat”.
(Available June 2016 on Amazon)

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