Expat Cat II

Many things were happening all at once. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas would become independent of the British Commonwealth. Taffy got pregnant. And we were going home.

With the coming political transfer of power, there was some uncertainty about the stability of the Bahamas. Also, my mom was still married to my dad, even though they lived apart. She decided that it was a good time to go back to St. Louis. I told everyone at school that I was leaving, but we stayed for the Independence Day celebrations on July 10.

Meanwhile, Taffy had gotten pregnant. Mom took her to the vet for a check up and to get the required rabies certificate to enter the United States. We also got a cardboard pet carrier to take her on the plane with us. It had a small pad at the bottom for ‘accidents’. We left the box open so she could get used to it. She decided to shred the potty pad. Great. One of our neighbors had a baby so I got the idea to ask her for a diaper. She didn’t want to at first, but she finally gave me a diaper for the bottom of the box. We kept it separate so Taffy wouldn’t destroy it too.

And then a week before we were scheduled to leave, Taffy had her kittens! I got woken up by my mom moving around. (We shared the bedroom, but each had our own bed). I asked what was going on, and she told me that Taffy was having her kittens. The thing is, Taffy usually slept by my mom’s feet – under the covers – so Mom had turned over in her sleep and felt something wet and sticky with her foot! She pulled back the covers to find a newborn kitten. I got up too and we watched Taffy give birth. And Mom had to wash her sheets!

Mom wasn’t sure how strict the Customs people would be, since we only had a health certificate for Taffy.  She told me that if anyone looked inside the box and saw the kittens to act surprised. 😉  We and our Bahamian expat cat and her illegal alien kittens made it all the way with no problems.


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