Do you have 2 minutes? What about 2 hours?

There has been an ongoing discussion in one of my Facebook groups about repatriation, and particularly the struggles for those who are returning to their city of origin. Even those people who kept in touch with you while you were gone, and managed to meet up with you for a short visit whenever you came through town from your new (Fun! Interesting! Exotic!) home somehow can’t seem to find the time for you now that you’re back. They seem unable (or unwilling?) to fit you back into the space that closed up when you left.

And we get it. They’ve changed. We’ve changed. But still, there’s a connection that we’d like to continue. And it doesn’t mean a big commitment, either in time or energy. Just a commitment to save a friendship – a relationship that used to be important to both people.


But it takes 2.

2 people.

2 minutes on the phone.

2 hours together.

To revive your relationship.


I challenge you. To do something. Today.


Take 2 minutes to call that old friend you keep meaning to talk to.

Take 2 hours to meet them for lunch, or coffee, or a movie, or whatever.


Or, tomorrow might be too late.

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