Circus Fun

The latest adventure with Grandpa and the grandkids.

ZoppeThe circus was in town! When I heard that the Zoppe Family Circus was returning to St. Louis, I was excited. I had first met the Zoppes when I was a volunteer usher at Circus Flora, our local circus. They are all super nice and really talented performers. Theirs is a traditional European style circus – small and intimate. There are no bad seats! Maybe that’s why they are celebrating their 175th anniversary this year.

Last year we went to see the show and brought T., the 10 year old grandson. He had a lot of fun meeting my friends and seemed impressed that I knew someone who owned an actual circus. This year we brought E. and O. who are T.’s cousins. E. just turned 2 last month and O. is almost 4 now. We were nervous since we had no idea how they’d react to a clown, but we were ready for them to be scared.

They were fine.

We also were nervous because it was the first time Grandpa would be taking the kids away from home without their mom. We wanted to give her an afternoon off since their dad was away on a business trip.

They were fine.

We got to the park and the kids were impressed by the giant tent.



Then we saw bubbles. LOTS of bubbles! There was a big bubble machine and the wind was carrying them across the field in front of the tent. It was magical. Right up until a bubble blew into my mouth while I was talking  . . .

Grandpa bought a funnel cake, which the kids loved (sugar!!). Then we went to the bounce house where O. went in and played for two minutes. (That’s all he got for the $1 ticket). And then it was back to the bubbles until showtime.

It was very crowded and we weren’t able to get the nicer seats right next to the ring, but we managed to sit in the second row of the bleachers, so we didn’t have to climb with two toddlers.

Both kids enjoyed the show and didn’t fidget much. Afterwards we were invited to go backstage so the kids could see the horses, which they really enjoyed. They also got to pet a bunny!



Of course they fell asleep on the ride home, but it was a successful expedition!


If you get an opportunity to go see the show, I highly recommend it!

July 20-23 Thunder Bay, ON
July 26-30 Union Grove, WI
August 11-13 Wheat Ridge, CO
August 18-20 Snowmass, CO
August 24-27 Lakewood, CO
September 1-4 Winter Park, CO
September 14-24 Oklahoma City, OK
October 13-29 Redwood City, CA
October 2-5 Fort Bragg, CA
November 9-12 Petaluma, CA
December 27, 2017 – January 8, 2018 Chandler, AZ
January 12-22, 2018 Tucson, AZ

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