Family Fun

It’s been four days and I think I’m almost caught up with my sleep. It’s always fun when family visits, but it can also be exhausting! I’m no longer accustomed to having my brothers around, and the accompanying clamor that comes with their joking and laughter seems intensified in my normally quiet home. But we still managed to get along and ‘play nice’.

babiesAlthough my brother G stays at our dad’s house with our brother L, they both come to my house to eat and visit with our mom, who stays in my spare room. We take turns cooking, and in some ways, it’s like we’re kids again – eating together around the dinner table and discussing our adventures.  The boys took the MetroLink downtown one day and explored the riverfront, so they had to tell us all about it.

Mom and I had our own adventure in the back yard watching the baby robins.


We didn’t get to go out to walk in the woods like we usually do. There was a lot of rain and flooding. Several highways were closed. Even if we had been able to get out, the trails would have been too muddy. Luckily, most highways were open by Mother’s Day, so we were able to take a drive out to a favorite restaurant near Villa Ridge. It’s a challenge finding gluten free options on their menu, but the flash fried spinach is amazing! Light and crispy – it melts in your mouth!

pancakeLast Sunday, L came over to cook us pancakes. I had bought a package of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancake mix that I wanted to try. They turned out pretty good. We topped them with organic strawberries from last week’s CSA box. While he was cooking I was straightening up the living room and discovered something on the floor under one of the chairs: a small comb, a pocket magnifying glass, and a tire gauge.


Mom suggested that they might belong to G, who had just flown home, so I texted him:

ME: Hey, did you lose your comb?

HE: maybe

ME: And a magnifying glass?

HE: I was wondering where that was.

ME: And a tire pressure gauge??

HE: Crap!


Just another day of family fun . . .

cooking pancakes.JPG


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