The Life of Riley (part two)

Poor Riley! He was so freaked out by leaving all his friends at the group home that he spent most of the first week in my condo hiding behind the washer and dryer. This also meant that he wasn’t eating or drinking. He finally came out to explore, but he didn’t look well. And while he usually ran when I got near him, (she might put me in that box and make me go inside that big smelly machine again!), this time he let me pick him up.

Yep. He was dehydrated, which is dangerous for kitties.

I called the vet first thing in the morning and I took him in for IV fluids to rehydrate. The vet wanted me to isolate him to be sure that he pooped. Neither he or Greta liked that.

He didn’t poop. And his skin was still loose in the morning (which is the way you can tell your kitty is dehydrated). So I called the vet again and she had me drop him off this time. She gave him more fluids and then called me at work.

“He’s impacted. He needs an enema.”

Poor Riley!

I picked him up after work and took him home.  He did eat and drink after that – I think maybe he was afraid not to!

But he didn’t forgive me for that enema. Not for a long time.



half the food
Side note: While Riley was gone, Greta very carefully only ate half of the food, leaving the other half for her brother. It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen!












Since I had been laid off, and was unable to find work in SFL, I’d started looking elsewhere. The following year I moved back to the Midwest along with the twins. As indicated above, they are not fond of riding in vehicles. I rented a truck and drove us up to Illinois, stopping outside Atlanta to sleep. The twins actually seemed to get used to being on the road by the second day.

travel twins

When we arrived, we were greeted by a heat wave – the hottest weather in years. And once again, Riley was stressed and got dehydrated. But since we were new in town, we didn’t have a vet yet!! Where could I take him to get an IV??

I looked in the local phone book and found a cats only veterinarian and called her. I had to convince her staff it was an emergency and I needed help, even though I wasn’t a client yet. Thankfully the doctor called me back and understood the situation. She wasn’t able to see us, but told us to go to a store down the highway called Rrlkng.  WHAT??  “Oh, you’re not from around here are you?”

“R u r a l  K i n g .  It’s a farm store. They have oral rehydration packets and that should help.”

“Like Gatorade for kitties? Cool!”

So, I got the powder, and also some wet cat food, and by the next day Riley was improving. Thank goodness!


We settled into the duplex, and the weather cooled and then it was Winter. And it snowed.

The twins had never SEEN snow before and they staked out the front window and were just staring up at the snowflakes falling, fascinated. And then, the snowplow came down the street and they got SO excited! They also enjoyed watching the landlord’s husband shovel the front walk.

In the morning, we’d only gotten a few inches of snow, so I opened the door to the balcony and let them go outside. Greta (who I’ve decided is the big sister), went first. She made a small circle, checking it all out. Riley waited to see if it was safe, then slowly took a step. It was COLD! He lifted his paw, looked at it, and then shook the snow off. He took one more step and then decided NO WAY! He backed up and came back inside. Greta has walked in the snow several times since then, but Riley avoids it.

RIley snow



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