My School

scheduleI arrived last week on Monday and immediately began teaching the next morning at 7:45am! It was challenging to say the least – between the 13 hour time change from Missouri to China, and the 24 hour trip from LAX to LZH, I was pretty worn out! But it was already the second week of the school year and the school didn’t want the substitute teacher when I was here and available.


classroomThe students are great – a typical mix of students. And my classroom is state of the art, with a Smartboard (that I’ve still got to learn to use!). The International Division is located at one end of the campus, which really seems like a college campus, it’s so big. We have our own Canteen that serves three meals a day on school days, a small snack shop, student dormitories, and faculty/staff apartments.


Intl buildingI’m teaching five classes of students, five days a week, so I see most of the students every day. There are two other teachers from the US, a Canadian, a Swede, and one from England as well. Oh, and some of the teachers and students have been to STL!! They’ve had an exchange with the Priory for the past several years.




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