Week Three: 2017.10.1

Last week of the first month of school. I’ve only learned some of my students’ names so far, but I’m remembering more of them. I’ve got two Stevens, two Jacks, two Mikes, two Harrys, and two Wallaces. And three Leos! I’m not sure how they chose their names – I’ve also got Cyrus, Clementine, Shirley, and Doris.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were Sports Days and most of my students participated. I was supposed to still teach the graduating Seniors, but the girls only showed up for one class on Thursday – Friday and Saturday were no shows. On the last afternoon, the teachers also competed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cheer on my new coworkers, because my new mattress was delivered!!


I wrote about my original mattress in Week One. It was very hard and uncomfortable – only about three inches thick! After the first few nights, I discovered that it had inadvertently been placed on my bed upside down. The hard wooden bottom layer side was on top, instead of the softer layer of padding.

Turning it over didn’t help much.

new bedWhich is why I purchased a softer thicker bed as soon as I could. It cost 2200RMB (about $300US). I had been told it would be delivered in a week to ten days. It took two weeks and was delivered late yesterday afternoon.


I could barely wait to go to sleep, but it had actually cooled down yesterday and I needed supplies. After picking up my gift of Moon Cakes from the departmental office and having lunch, I set out. Walking among the unending stream of students with suitcases (who were going home for the National Holiday), I crossed campus to the main entrance on the southwest side (my apartment is in a row on the edge of the northeast corner). I crossed the main street and explored the row of shops along the sidestreet.

There were two pharmacies, a tiny pet store, a tea shop, a restaurant, a produce store, a small specialty baking shop with three kinds of whipping cream (!), a barber, and a grocery store. I was able to get a can of tuna and a few veggies to make tuna salad, but didn’t realize until I got home that I have no mayo. I’m going to substitute yogurt, unless I happen to find mayo on my next expedition.


#robinSTL  #bloggingabroad


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