Week Five: 2017.10.15

I’ve now been here for one month, having arrived on 14 September. I’ve already had a week off, and I’ve semi-furnished my furnished apartment by buying a mattress, couch cushions, dishes, towels, cutlery, and a saucepan. I also got a clothes rack to use for drying laundry, but I haven’t yet put it together because the instructions are in Chinese!


waiting room

I went back to get my Xray this week and ran into a teacher from Georgia in the waiting room. He’s been here a few years and apparently he lives across the street from my school! We’re supposed to meet for coffee next week.


This past week I had to give exams to my students. The L&S (listening and speaking) students did a really good job. I had asked them to prepare a short presentation about a Chinese fruit (5-10 sentences). I called them outside one by one to speak, asking ‘What fruit are you going to talk about?’. I heard about watermelons, apples, litchis, and even sugar cane.

And then Wallace came out for his turn. I asked the question, ‘Which fruit…?’.

He answered: meat.

I couldn’t help it, I started laughing.

He then said ‘I don’t eat fruit’.


So I asked him to describe the meats that he likes.

‘Fish, beef, chicken, …’.

Great. And how do you like these cooked?



He passed his exam.


Random thoughts –

  • My light switches click down for ON and up for OFF, which is the opposite of the US.
  • Most public bathrooms do not have toilet paper, so I’ve always got to have tissue with me.
  • Every public bathroom I’ve used so far is ‘traditional’ and not Western. Sigh.


#robinSTL  #bloggingabroad

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