My Apartment

buildingIt’s a decent sized apartment, with a tiny galley kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, enclosed porch, and a sort of nook between the bathroom and kitchen which is where the fridge and washing machine are located. Although the building is a bit rundown, it seems sturdy. With the heavy furniture (bed, desk, wooden couch, and coffee table) it reminds me of student housing.

fanThere’s a ceiling fan in the living room, and two wall unit air conditioners – one in the bedroom and one in the office. I also have a large standing fan. When I arrived in September, the temperature was usually in the 90s, so it was a challenge keeping cool. Now that it’s cooled off, I’m learning that I have leaky windows and it might be an issue once it gets colder in Winter. But I also have a space heater, so I may end up staying in just one warm room. We’ll see.

Although the walls seem pretty thick, (they are 12 inches thick) some sounds from other apartments are amplified. Sometimes it sounds like somebody is in the next room, when in fact they are on the next floor. This was disconcerting at first, but now I’m getting used to it. The other noise I’ve had to get used to is the clinking of metal pipes. What I first thought was a lumberyard behind my building is actually a place that makes pipes. They hand carry the pipes and then place them in big piles. When they put down a pipe, it clinks. They start work every day at 7am, including weekends. They only stopped during the National Holiday week.

I’m starting to feel settled in, now that I have a comfy mattress and soft couch cushions. I also got a clothes rack so I don’t have to hoist my wet clothes up onto the laundry pole on the porch, and I just received my little blender so I can make myself breakfast smoothies.

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