Week Six: 2017.10.22 – Random Ramblings

A couple weeks ago, while walking to the shipping office (a local Mailboxes Etc. type of place) to pick up my couch cushions, I observed a little girl urinating on the sidewalk. The nearest adult (parent?) was on the other side of the sidewalk chatting with someone. The sidewalks here are pretty wide, so she was easily at least ten feet away. The child was on the traffic side of the walkway, with her butt facing the traffic, and the stream of urine was running across our path. . .

Coincidentally, during the same week, one of the expats in the online group reported viewing a man who was self-gratifying himself in public.


laundry beforeDoing laundry is not as easy here. The little washer only fits about eight pieces of clothing. Also, the wash cycle is almost an hour, so just washing a week’s worth of shirts and pants takes two hours. There’s no dryer, so clothes are air dried. There’s a long pole out on the porch, but it’s just below the ceiling, so you need to use a long hook to hoist the wet (heavy) clothing up and down again once dry.

laundry todayAfter doing that a few times, I started hanging the laundry in the kitchen, which was easier, but it made things difficult when I wanted to cook something. So, after explaining what I needed to my coworker, she found a clothes rack on TaoBao (China’s answer to Amazon). This arrived with the couch cushions, but it required assembly, and of course the instructions were in Chinese! After a couple weeks of asking for help, my coworker got one of her students to come and assemble it for me. He’s also my student, and he wants to go to Wash U to study engineering, so he was able to finish pretty easily.

I’m really happy, because I was only able to wash one sheet a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to wash my sheets! Tonight I’ll be sleeping on clean sheets!!


Yesterday, I noticed that the people behind me, who live in the pipeyard, had a couple of HUGE clothes hangers, about six feet wide, which they had their sheets on. I wouldn’t want to try to lift one of those!

laundry behind

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One thought on “Week Six: 2017.10.22 – Random Ramblings

  1. I love your posts, glad you got your washing sorted out. I do like the view of downstairs and their washing. You’ve got sorted quick with online stuff. Have you done much exploring. Have a good week


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