Weeks Seven & Eight: 2017.11.5

For anyone wondering what happened to last week’s regularly scheduled post, I was in Hong Kong. That adventure will have a separate blog post.


Week Seven:

My coworker S and I were chatting and he told me about a woman he knows with a private school. She wanted some extra teachers if I was interested. I told him that I’d consider it, so he sent me her contact info. I had a full schedule that day, so I didn’t get a chance to follow up until almost 4:00.

‘Hi A, S said you might need someone to teach a few hours each week?’

She texted back almost immediately: ‘Are you free at 5:00?’

I definitely wasn’t ready to teach more that day, so I asked her if she meant she had a class to teach.

No, she wanted to take me to dinner.

Free food? Sure! I accepted her invitation and she came to pick me up in her car at 5:00. We drove to a  hotel next to the mall (Wan Da) and met up with her small team of teachers. They are all super nice and it was a great dinner. She invited me to an event on Saturday, but it turned out I was out of town.

When I returned, she invited me out again, and this morning we went to see some nearby caves. That visit will get its’ own post. But it’s nice to be meeting new people who aren’t strictly work related.


Week Eight:

The big news on my return was that the rumored new teacher had arrived. I just happened to meet him coming downstairs as I struggled to drag my booty-laden luggage up the stairs. He came bounding down the steps and we both stopped and looked at each other. (Seeing a new non-Chinese face can do that to you). I asked him if he lived here and he said that he’d just arrived the day before. We quickly established that we were neighbors and coworkers before he was whisked away to go for his physical. He was nice enough to bring my bags up the steps before he left!

I found out he’s also an ATCK and has taught in other countries before China.

So, November has turned out to be pretty interesting with new faces.

I’ve also set up WeChat groups for each of my classes so that I can send them additional material outside of class time.

I’m still pretty worn out from my trip, so it may be a few days before the other posts are ready.


#RobinSTL  #BloggingAbroad


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