Week Ten: 2017.11.18

Monday morning we got a text from the office about the midterm exam schedule. All of my classes but one were cancelled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had just given homework to my first class that morning. Sigh.

I also found a broken chair in my classroom when I arrived.


Monday afternoon we got a text that there was a meeting with the grade 2 parents on Saturday and we each would be speaking with them to update them on the students’ progress. Oh ok. Good thing I didn’t have any plans.

I also assembled my new dish drainer!


Tuesday morning I got a text from the office that I needed to go to Immigration about my residence permit.

Tuesday afternoon M took me to the Immigration Office to complete the residence permit paperwork.

Wednesday morning we got a text with our scheduled speaking times for Saturday afternoon.

I also discovered that my bedroom window was not properly installed. That explains why I keep smelling cigarette smoke in my bedroom!!

window 1

Wednesday afternoon my class of graduating Seniors informed me that they would not be in class on Friday afternoon because they would be at a nearby primary school teaching English to Kindergartners.

I also tasted a Mango Oreo.


KFCIn the evening I went shopping with N, the new teacher. He took me to the street market, which is just a couple streets away. It’s everything you imagine. I’ll have to go back in the daylight and take photos. We ended up going to the mall and had dinner at KFC.

When I got home, I saw a cat in the alley. It let me get kinda close, but then scampered behind the scooters parked behind the building.


Thursday morning I woke up to a text from my brother L that our Aunt B had died on Wednesday. She was 97, but it really made me sad that I couldn’t go to her funeral and be with my family this week.

I also got a text that the Beijing Philharmonic would be speaking with our students on Friday afternoon, so 6th period was cancelled.

Thursday afternoon I finally got to go get a haircut.

Friday morning a student that I don’t know came to my office to tell me that I needed to choose two students to translate for me on Saturday because I’d be speaking to two groups of parents.

It was also so incredibly humid that literally everything was wet. The stairs and hallways looked like someone had poured water and not mopped it up. My classroom windows were completely fogged up.


Friday afternoon I went to the local Chinese buffet restaurant with N. Rice and three items is 10 Yuan.

I also learned that the restaurant next to it is owned by a family who used to live in the UK and speak English!! They also deliver, so I can call and order food in English and I only have to go to the gate to pick it up!!

window 2Saturday I stayed home waiting for the maintenance man to come work on my window. He finally showed up after 3:00 and I had to be at the office by 4:30! He was carrying what looked like two sausages. It was caulk. He put it on the cracks with his finger. He didn’t do anything to the interior of gap, like put insulation. I hope it works.

It was also the first cold day here. Damp and dreary. I unpacked my sweaters and long Janes and gloves.


#RobinSTL  #BloggingAbroad

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