Walmart Comes to Liuzhou

Late last night I saw a post on the local expat page:


Walmart?! In Liuzhou? Opening tomorrow?!

I texted my friend A and she had some time between classes so she came to pick me up and we went to the Grand Opening of Liuzhou Walmart. It’s a bit far (maybe 9 kilometers) but not any further than the St. Charles Walmart is to my little house in St. Ann.

A found a place to park a few blocks away (because of course it’s in the middle of a city block, not out in the middle of a giant parking lot like in the US) and walked down the street to Wally World. Also, we were fooled by a huge sign on a nearby building advertising the opening.


We got there and of course it’s massive like everything else in China.


We went in the front door, but it looks like a mall, with McDonald’s and other stores.


We followed the signs and of course like almost every big chain grocery store here, it’s downstairs.


We had to walk down a concourse (yeah, I know, those are usually in airports, but it was too big to be just a hallway or room), to actually enter the store.


There were lots of ‘greeters’, but they were all trying to sell the special sale items stacked up inside the doorway.


When we got to the actual grocery area, the first thing we saw was fresh meat. This place was bigger than any Walmart or Sam’s I’ve ever been to. It’s more like the STL IKEA store, but was way more crowded – like the week before Christmas (which it actually almost is, HA!).


After looking around and checking for real cheese only to find pasteurized process cheese slices (though they did have shredded mozzarella, cream cheese, and whipping cream), A needed to get back to teach a class, so we checked out.


The ubiquitous candy display at the checkout lane is conveniently stocked with condoms as well.


We went up a different set of escalators, which took us directly outside.


When we got to street level, we stopped at Mickey D’s for a snack to go.


Then returned to the car, passing a costumed worker and a cute row of tiny cars squeezed up on the sidewalk. (Yes, those are giant fries on her head!)

A dropped me off at home and I got to enjoy my Happy Meal!



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