Week 20: 2018.1.22-2018.1.28

On Monday morning, I turned in my grades and report cards.

I was asked to take a photo of the water meter in my bathroom. The next day I got a text that I needed to pay my combined water/electric bill. It took almost all of the cash I’d just withdrawn from the campus ATM for my trip home.


So I walked back across campus to the ATMs. But they were empty.

Situation Normal….



In the afternoon I texted my friend L about buying a new suitcase to replace the one that had been damaged on the flight back in December. He asked me to take a taxi to his work and we’d leave from there. He texted me an address, which I showed to the taxi driver. It was a hotel right around the corner from his work, so I called him when I arrived and he rode his scooter over to pick me up.

As we climbed the stairs to his office, he told me that I could meet his cat. Cat?! At work??

We went down the hall to his office and there he was! L’s cat.


I ran over and petted him.


He’s awfully cute and we were good friends by the end of the afternoon.

Linyar cat


We took L’s scooter and went downtown. I was able to buy a new suitcase, and they delivered it for free the next day. (Since we couldn’t fit it on the scooter!)

On Tuesday I did laundry and then packed on Wednesday so I was all ready to get up early on Thursday and go to the airport.

Just like last month, I left and arrived on the same date, though it was a 24 hour trip.

I arrived Thursday evening in Orlando and checked into a hotel to shower and sleep.

Friday morning my brother came to take me to breakfast. Then my mom arrived and we left for a mini vacation in nearby Mount Dora.


#RobinSTL  #BloggingAbroad

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