Week 27: 2018.3.11-2018.3.17

This week brought a new pastime. I had spoken with S, our newest teacher, before I left for Winter break. He told me that he had been showing episodes of Star Trek: Discovery to his students at the university. Even though he wouldn’t be their instructor any longer, he felt that it wouldn’t be right to not finish the series. When I told him that I had watched the first half of the season when I was home in December, he invited me to come watch the second half of the season with him and his former students.

The first meeting was on Tuesday evening. S and I took a taxi to WanDa and had dinner at Pizza Hut. This is not your neighborhood Pizza Hut. In China, it’s a nice sit down restaurant and they serve more than just pizza. I got the butternut squash soup, limeade, and Beijing duck pizza. All were delicious. S got chicken wings, risotto, and potatoes. We ended up at Pizza Hut because it was raining and it’s right next to the entrance of the mall. My crutches were slipping on the wet floor and I didn’t want to risk falling by going any further into the mall.


After dinner we got a taxi to take us to the café where they show the videos. It’s near the university campus and has a large TV in the back room. I ordered a beverage since that’s the polite thing to do when the café is letting you use their space for free. I got hot chocolate since I had a chill from the rain and omg it was the best! Creamy and chocolately, which I didn’t expect in China.

Of course the students were all guys, but they were all friendly and polite. They all asked me about myself and then we watched the show. S lead the discussion afterwards and some of the students had some interesting ideas about could happen in the next episode.


The next day A texted and invited me to have dinner with her, at another mall.

She chose Pizza Hut….




At school we learned that we’d be doing Demo classes for the next two weeks. My Demo class is scheduled for the 22nd.


Somehow my Chinese phone got disconnected while I was gone and the only way to get it reconnected was to take a trip to the phone store. So much fun with a broken ankle….



#robinstl  #bloggingabroad

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