Week 34: 2017.4.29-2017.5.5

After working my second six-day week this month, we had the third holiday for the month of April: Labor Day. When I asked my students why their Labor Day was in April, the pointed out that this was International Labor Day, celebrated around the world. Except of course in the US, where we celebrate Labor Day in September.

Between the three holidays, and two weeks of exams, April was very stressful. The students only had one actual full week of classes, and that week was dedicated to reviewing for Midterms. I thought we’d have until the end of the month, but Situation Normal, I only heard about each new change to the regular schedule a week or less before it occurred. So, I’d been thinking of taking a short trip during the Labor Day holiday, but learned late in the week that the next Model United Nations was to be held during the break. Sigh.

So, Sunday morning I got up bright and early to be at the Opening Ceremony across campus. There were a few short speeches, and then everyone trooped outside for the obligatory group photo. We then dispersed to our assigned rooms to begin the sessions. I was overjoyed to see most of my students from the Fall session were returning. I learned that there would be ten schools participating this time, so I met several new students. The English speaking group was assigned to the Disarmament and International Security Committee and the discussion focused on outlawing chemical weapons.

I felt bad for the student assigned to be the US delegate. The other delegates kinda ganged up on him and berated him/the US for using chemical weapons in Vietnam. He did a great job though- he just kept repeating that Agent Orange was not anti-personnel, it was meant as a defoliant. I told him afterwards that he did exactly what the real US representative would have done!


By Thursday and Friday, I was extremely exhausted, since I ended up working for 12 days straight. I even fell asleep at rehab when my physical therapist put the hot wax on me for 20 minutes! I couldn’t wait for Saturday so that I could sleep in and rest.

I keep getting tired at rehab – my right leg is weak from two months in the boot, and of course my activity level was also reduced during that time. The PT told me to bring candy for a boost of energy. This week, before I could dig the candy out of my bag, she went to grab me a snack from their fridge. It’s mashed up rice with some sugar and peanuts.


After each appointment, I’ve been going to WanDa to grab dinner, because my cupboard is bare and the Canteen would be closed by the time I got back to campus. I’ve gotten in the habit of stopping at Starbuck’s to use their Western style toilet. I only just noticed this notice on the wall….



One of my friends sent me the following text recently:

“You haven’t renewed your blog for many days. Do you feel better with your ankle? Or are you so busy to teach?”

My response was that yes, I’ve been busy teaching and also dealing with a broken ankle. I live in a third floor walk-up, and I also teach on the third floor. I should NOT be doing stairs four times a day on crutches with a walking cast. It’s exhausting. (Not the mention that I can’t go shopping for food.)

His response? ‘Had it happened in the time while I was a high school boy, students would have carried the teacher.’

I don’t know that I’d trust my students to carry me up and down three flights of steps….


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