Phillipine Dream

“Don’t sit up,” the voice said.

My head felt like it was being crushed in a vice.

Everything was fuzzy, the way dreams sometimes are. There were two women, pleasant looking, but they seemed concerned.

The one on the left had short, light brown hair. The one on the right had shoulder length black hair.

They asked me questions, but I was confused. They were strangers and I didn’t recognize the large room where we were. They kept chatting with me, but I became frightened.

I started crying. “I don’t know where I am…” I admitted.

The one on the right looked to her left and said, “Your friend is here”.

I turned to the right and saw my BFF approaching. He gave me a hug and I held him tight. I was so relieved to see a familiar face.

“I don’t know where I am”, I repeated.

“You’re in Siquijor”, he said, as if that explained everything.

I didn’t understand what he was saying, though it seemed as if I had heard of that place, sometime, somewhere.

I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t understand the word he was saying, and my head was pounding.

The women gave me ice to put on my head.

My BFF said, “S is here, and he’s waiting for you.”

What??” I said, puzzled. I was still trying to figure out the dream. My BFF llves in the Phillipines, and S lives in China. We used to teach at the same school there.

Wait, do I still live in China? I thought I finished that job. I’m pretty sure I don’t live in the US – so where DO I live/work? And why are both S and my BFF here, when they live in different countries?


The dream continued. My BFF took me to a small room with a bed. It seemed somewhat familiar, and I recognized my suitcase on the floor.

My BFF told me to get changed because S had dinner waiting. He left me alone in the room.

I was wearing a wet, clammy swimsuit, so I decided to take a shower. I got clothes from the suitcase and had just finished dressing when he returned.

We walked to another building. It was dark now, and he had a huge flashlight. We went into a small apartment. S was there and dinner was on the table. There was another guy, who they introduced as D.

I sat and we began eating. The guys did most of the talking, because I was still confused and my head still hurt. I asked for more ice, and somebody brought some from outside the apartment.


During the meal, pieces of my memory slowly began to return, though I wasn’t sure of everything until the next day. I eventually remembered flying to the Phillipines from Korea (where I live and work), and then traveling to Sequijor island with my BFF, where we were meeting S and his friend D from Canada.

We had been so hot and sweaty from traveling that we got our room keys and changed into our swimsuits and went straight to the pool. I remember swimming. I don’t remember leaving the pool to find the bathroom. We hadn’t grabbed towels, and my bare feet were damp as I went inside and walked on the concrete floor. I don’t remember falling and hitting my head. I have two bumps. I later found out I was unconscious for about two minutes (according to another hotel guest who saw it happen).

The next morning I went to a local clinic to see a doctor. He conducted a brief neurological examination and gave me some pain medication, but he seemed more concerned about my cholesterol. He advised me to have a follow up examination when I got home, and get an MRI.


I got home this morning and will make an appointment just as soon as I find a neurologist who speaks English.

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